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Massage Therapy has the power to relax, restore, and rehabilitate. I match my massage to what the client needs that day, creating a space of unhurried relaxation and problem-area resolution. Discover the various massage modalities I use to benefit my clients.



Cuddle Therapy provides authentic connection. Through the release of oxytocin, “the bonding hormone,” a secure attachment that you may have never fully developed in childhood can begin to be realized, providing the basis for improved relationships and increased physical health. Learn exactly how cuddle therapy can help you. 



Parent Coaching equips adults to care, connect, and communicate with the children in their lives. Receive tools that can change the trajectory of your relationships and bring you relief from the anxiety and frustration that current relational struggles bring. Find out how.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Anne. And I would be honored to help you heal.

Elizabeth Anne Massage Therapy Tennessee & North Carolina
Elizabeth Anne Massage Therapy Cuddle Therapy Parent Coaching
Elizabeth Anne Massage Therapy Cuddle Therapy Parent Coaching

“No two people are exactly alike, and no one person is the same from day to day. That’s why I craft sessions that are individualized for safety, support, and optimal health benefits.”

Elizabeth Anne, LMT, CCT, CPC

What Clients Are Saying

Massage Therapy Vincent Dove Founder, Mind•Body•SpiritElizabeth Anne amazing wellness professional “I highly recommend this amazing wellness professional! Being a massage therapist and personal trainer, I know what to look for when my body needs help. I’m so thankful I found Elizabeth Anne. Her knowledge of the body, healing modalities, professionalism, and caring personality combine to make an awesome healer. Thank you so much, Elizabeth Anne!” 

Cuddle Therapy Rachel B. Cuddle Client “Even though most of our interactions have been through Zoom and texts and Facetimes, Elizabeth Anne created a buddy system between us, which I am so thankful for! She is such a ray of light, be it via technology or in person. She has such a compassionate, steady, considerate, and adaptable soul. All her words are picked out so delicately with such thought behind them. She is a safe person to share with, and she oozes comfort to all. Elizabeth Anne is a joy through and through!” 

Parent Coaching Suzanne D. Loving Aunt “I wasn’t sure what to make of this parent coaching, but when I was needed to help care for my sister’s children, Elizabeth Anne taught me how. It’s been almost 3 years since these kids began to live with me. After our initial weekly sessions ended, Elizabeth Anne still helps! She has this amazing ability to speak into a situation and give me the perfect reply to say to them. She’s helped me communicate so beautifully with my nephews and niece.” 

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