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Do you believe that JOY is possible after abuse? We abuse survivors struggle to form friendships with women and navigate relationships with men. We worry about money. We stress over our studies and work responsibilities. And we wonder how we’ll ever parent successfully. But once we discover who God says we are and learn how to take care of ourselves the way He teaches us to, we can face any person or any problem with genuine JOY!

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Joy In Jesus

Discover the uncensored truth of what the Bible says about you, and treasure the Joy found in Jesus. Genuine Joy really is possible after surviving abuse.

Real Relationships

Form friendships with other women. Make genuine connections with men. Experience thriving human contact because you walk through life with Jesus.

Healing Habits

Discover how receiving professional cuddling, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, and parent coaching work together to contribute to your healing from past abuse. Also, practice the most beneficial type of self-care:  worshipping God, reading His Word, and applying His Truth to your daily life.

Financially Free

There is so much hope in facing financial facts and in facing your financial fears. You are on the road to financial recovery. And the best part is you’re not alone.

Parenting Proudly

Want to know the secret to parenting well after surviving abuse? Rely on God to heal the effects of the abuse in your life. Then learn to respond to your children from that healed place. I don’t parent perfectly, but I can help you parent proudly.

Study Solutions

Do you want to help others by learning healing practices but then stress over how to study well? Find solutions on how to be your most studious self.



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I write about abuse recovery, financial recovery, relationships in recovery, parenting in recovery, and finding Joy in Jesus. I also write about the benefits of therapeutic massage, professional cuddling, parent coaching, and aromatherapy for survivors of abuse. Let me know what I can write for your publication.

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God has given me the talent to Joyously engage with live and virtual audiences. Contact me to speak at your next event.

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The very best interviews exist between two mutually respectful people looking to satisfy their nearly insatiable curiosity through frank and familiar discourse. I’d love to talk with you! Reach out to request an interview.

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My Story


My name is Elizabeth Anne

Locusts Ate My Orgasms Memoir Elizabeth Anne

My services include professional cuddling, parent coaching, and aromatherapy consultation.

But my greatest passion is the beauty and power of words.

I am a poet, author, speaker, student of the Bible, and inspirational writer.

Locusts Ate My Orgasms is my true story of having survived childhood, adolescent, and marital abuse followed by the astonishing and uplifting experience of a life restored by Jesus Christ.

Get a copy of my memoir today, and see just how Jesus restored the years the swarming locusts had stripped away.

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How do you parent proudly when the most solid parenting information you have so far is that you don’t want to do it the way your mother did? How do you parent well after surviving abuse? Glad You’re Here You’re in the right place. The best gift you can give your children is recovering from […]

Rest On Sundays: Don’t Study Seven Days A Week

When in School, Take A Break And Savor Your Sundays Overwhelm is overrated. Spending Sunday morning looking over your shoulder at what you didn’t finish during the previous week robs you of Sunday’s Joy. Looking ahead to Monday and all that you need to accomplish the rest of the week can overwhelm you. Do both […]

What Does God Say About Your Transformation?

God Says You Are NOT Who You Used To Be Jesus made you new and makes you new. His work is both a done deal and a work in progress. THE DONE DEAL Doubt no more.  You have prayed and asked Jesus to forgive your sins. You have asked that you get to be with […]


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