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Hope for Today (Al-Anon)

Facing the worst of my past opens the door to remember the best of it, too, creating room for serenity, wonder and joy in my life.

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About Me

My Name is Elizabeth Anne. Why would I ask you to call me Joy?

While attending a workshop in February of 2017, a participant asked me my name. I misheard the question, though. I thought I was being asked how I felt. Exuberantly, I responded, “Joy!”

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Why This Site? exists to spread the word that lasting Joy is possible after surviving abuse.

I do this by providing easy-to-implement tools of recovery that inspire hope, self-care, encouragement, community and Joy.

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Community is crucial for recovery. And in community, Joy is wonderfully contagious! Use the form below to reach out to me.

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My name is Elizabeth Anne.

Today, my life is full of Joy. I want yours to be, too. Life for abuse survivors is filled with complicated and recurring issues. I know. I’ve lived it. Thanks be to God, the complicated issues in my life have unraveled to reveal Joy. The recurring issues have ceased their terrible assault on my thoughts and feelings. Today, my most treasured possession is Joy. I’m here to share that Joy with you.

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A word…

  • No matter how much injustice I have suffered from the hands of other people, I have never suffered the slightest injustice from the hand of God.
    RC Sproul

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Holding On To God’s Love

You know God loves you. But how do you really capture that truth and hold on to it? I once taught a room full of adults, teens and children this very lesson. I taught myself most of all. The illustration I chose had a big impact on me and still affects me today. Several years ago, I volunteered with an organization that sought to benefit children who were relocated to our city when the United States accepted their families as refugees into our country. Along with a small army of loyal …

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Orgasm Is Not a Dirty Word

When I was writing my memoir and people casually asked me the title, I avoided answering them. When some folks pointedly asked—even boldly insisted—on knowing what I planned to call my book. I buttoned my lips even more tightly. I was simply too embarrassed to say the word “orgasm” out loud. And “orgasm” is in the title of my book.  Saying It Out Loud How ludicrous is it for an author not to be able to speak the name of her book out loud? Upon finishing the book and just before starting to …

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Does It Ever Get Any Better?

Yes. It did for me. Why not for you? Recently, in a gathering of recovering individuals, I heard a woman desperately ask, “Does it ever get any better?” She expressed genuine heartache: trauma from childhood, a painful adolescence and an abusive marriage in adulthood. According to her story, she had done all that every therapist had ever asked. She had read the recommended books and attended intensive therapeutic workshops and engaged in trauma therapies. Still, she found life to be …

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Community is crucial for recovery. And in community, Joy is wonderfully contagious! Use the form below to reach out to me.