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Do you believe that JOY is possible after abuse? We abuse survivors struggle to form friendships with women and navigate relationships with men. But once we are confident about who God says we are, we can face anyone or anything with genuine JOY!

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Posts in this category look to the Bible to answer the questions: What does God say about me? What does God say about abuse? What does God say about abuse recovery?


Some posts in this category demonstrate how experiencing genuine JOY really is possible, even after surviving abuse. Other posts teach exactly what abuse is and how to recover from it.

Relate to Women

Posts in this category support your relationships with other women.

Relate to Men

Posts in this category guide you as you navigate relationships with men.


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My name is Elizabeth Anne.

Locusts Ate My Orgasms Memoir Elizabeth Anne

I am a poet, author, speaker, and inspirational writer. Locusts Ate My Orgasms is my true story of having survived childhood, adolescent, and marital abuse—followed by the astonishing and uplifting experience of a restored life. Get a copy of my memoir today, and see how Jesus restored the years the swarming locusts had stripped away.

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What God Says About YOU

God Says You’re Beautiful! I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m very frustrated. Maybe even downright angry. I am SO TIRED of all the lies that you have to sift through to figure out what makes you beautiful.  Ulta makeup At-home hair dyes Your latest little dress purchase from Etsy Makeup and dyes and […]

5 Mistakes Never To Make With A Man

Be Smart And Learn From My Mistakes Have you ever heard this quote? “A smart woman  learns from her own mistakes.  A wise woman  learns from the mistakes of others.” I made a major mistake marrying the man I did. All of the details of why my marriage was a sinful undertaking are far too […]

5 Signs He’s Not The One For You

5 Signs Your Romantic Relationship Isn’t All That You Think It Is  So you like this guy. But you’re wondering if he’s the right man for you. If you have doubts, listen to your gut. And just in case your gut is mumbling, here are five signs that your current romantic relationship isn’t right for […]