From Surviving Financial Abuse to Living Financially Free

elizabeth Anne:

From Surviving Financial Abuse to Living financially Free

A Guide For Relying on God To Regain A Foothold On Your Finances

  • What is financial abuse? Learn to identify financial abuse in your history. Read about real life examples of what has happened to others, including Elizabeth Anne.
  • what does it look like to recover? Learn God's promises for your recovery and the way He heals survivors of financial abuse.
  • How do you keep it from happening again? Learn to protect yourself from future financial abuse, even from yourself.

Why Wait? Start Living Financially Free Now:

My Name Is Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne

Course Instructor

“You did not deserve to be treated the way you were financially. And you don't have to continue to suffer the effects of the abuse. Come along for a journey of healing that I have seen God bring about in the lives of many survivors.”

In This Guide, You Will Learn To:


Following the same healing path that Elizabeth Anne undertook, examine the exact nature of the financial abuse you suffered and survived. Knowing the details of the problem is the first step in addressing it. 


God's promises are clear, though the memories of abuse can drown out the truth. Learn to believe again, as Elizabeth Anne walks you through God's promises and you practice trusting Him to bring them about in your life. 


Realize the tricks the abuser used to exert power over you. Commit never to be under that kind of control again. Discover the schemes and how to avoid them in the future. Learn how not to perpetrate the same abuse against yourself.


Get honest with where you have been and where you want to go. Map out a plan of action to stay safe in God's care, while making different choices about your finances and who you trust with them. 

My Name is Elizabeth Anne

About the Author: Elizabeth Anne

Elizabeth Anne is a survivor of abuse who has, by God's Grace, learned to live financially free. Study with her and learn what it is to rise above the abuse, gather up your wings, and fly!

From Surviving Financial Abuse to Living Financially Free


Financially Free My Name Is Elizabeth Anne

Why struggle on your own?

Face the financial facts, but don't do it alone. With Elizabeth Anne's experience, wise words, and comforting manner, walk the walk toward healing and learn to live financially free.


Ready to live financially free? 

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