Hello, My Name is Elizabeth Anne

and I would be honored to support you as a mom

My work as a Christian Parent Coach is influenced by my experience as a Cuddle Therapist and Massage Therapist. Each of these modalities of care focuses on meaningful one-on-one time between the giver of the care and the receiver,  just like the nurture you desire to provide for each of your children. 

But long before I worked as a professional . . . 

I was a mama, trying—and often failing—to love my 3 kids they way I wanted to love them. But by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, I learned to parent my sons and daughter with honesty, vulnerability, and confidence. Eventually, I even learned that I could parent my kids Joyfully. Now, I want to share that path to Joy-filled parenting with you. 

A good introduction to that path is the video How to Make Time to Connect with My Kids

Whether you’re an expectant mom or all of your children are grown and out of the house—or anywhere in between—it is neither too early nor too late to become the mom you’ve always wanted to be.  (I also work with dads!)

God is here for you.

And now I am, too. Visit my Services page to find how I can best support you as you begin to transform your relationship with your children.