Essential Oils + Professional Services

Essential oils plus professional services help abuse survivors healHave you thought of using essential oils with the professional services you receive to help you heal from abuse? 

If you’re like most abuse survivors, you have already used essential oils at home to help you relax, unwind, and sleep well. You may have even used essential oils to help heal common physical ailments, perhaps without even knowing it.

Have you ever rubbed Vicks Vaporub on your chest at night to help with a cough, allergy symptoms, or sinus problems?

(Surprising Hint: The treatment is even more effective when the Vicks is massaged onto the soles of your feet just before you slip on warm socks and then jump into bed!)

If you’ve tried this, you probably woke up feeling better than you did when you went to sleep. But did you know that it was essential oils making you feel better?

Inside Vicks Vaporub is a combination of different essential oils, including eucalyptus, cedarlead, and nutmeg. These essential oils and others are mixed together and suspended in petroleum jelly.

Though petroleum products are not the healthiest way to apply essential oils to your system, this simple home remedy helps you see the power essential oils have to relieve symptoms. 

But that treatment, like adding drops of lavender to your bath water, is done at home and on your own.

I have 2 important questions for you:

What if you were to combine essential oils with the services you receive from professionals?

What if you used essential oils to address the trauma symptoms associated with your recovery from abuse?

3 Ways To Use Essential Oils + Professional Services

Essential oils plus professional services help abuse survivors heal

1. Essential Oils Used During Your Massage 

Ask your massage therapist to use essential oils during your next massage.

When massage therapists mix combinations of essential oils into their massage oils, aromatherapy combines with the healing power of massage to promote health benefits for you, the client.

Communicate your goals for the massage and the massage therapist can make a blend according to the intention you set.

Two Healing Essential Oil Blends for Your Next Massage

  • When emotional strain manifests itself as physical pain, you need pain relief. Ask and your massage therapist might mix vanilla, orange, and lavender into non-fragrant, hypoallergenic Jojoba oil to soothe your aching body.
  • When you have a tough decision to make, ask for help in feeling more grounded. Suggest to your bodyworker a blend that includes hemp seed oil, spikenard, ginger, and/or ghandi root.

Essential oils plus professional services help abuse survivors heal My Name is Elizabeth Anne

2. Essential Oils Used During Your In-person Cuddle Therapy Session

After you have cleared it with your practitioner first (in case she has sensitivities to particular scents), add drops of a particular essential oil into a diffuser before your professional cuddler arrives for your cuddle therapy appointment. Or perhaps, if you make the request, your cuddle therapist will prepare a blend before you arrive to the designated location for your session.

A Dynamic Essential Oil Blend for Calm Cuddles

Frankincense is a dynamic essential oil for meditative experiences, not to mention a super powerful treatment for arthritic joints and tired muscles affected by certain auto-immune disorders. When mixed with Palo Santo and balsam copaiba, frankincense might just become your favorite new essential oil!

Essential oils plus professional services help abuse survivors heal

3. Essential Oils During Your Virtual Connection or Parent Coach Session

Similar to the preparation for an in-person cuddle session, use essentials oils for a virtual session or parent coach meeting to create a special space for yourself before going online for your appointment. By taking the opportunity to make a healing space, you actually welcome yourself as the honored guest during your self-care appointment.

Turn on Your Diffuser and Experience Self Love

Add ylang ylang to frankincense in the right proportions, and make your session space truly inviting.

Incense is an excellent alternative.

When the session is virtual, the responsibility (and privilege) of creating a healing space is yours.

Essential oils plus professional services help abuse survivors heal My Name is Elizabeth Anne

You’ve used essential oils on your own at home.

Now it’s time to use them in combination with the healing services you receive from professionals. Delight in the combined benefits of aromatherapy and bodywork/connection services.

Healing Habits Abuse Survivors: Combine Essential Oils With Professional Services to Help Heal My Name Is Elizabeth Anne

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