Locusts Ate My Orgasms: A Memoir

Locusts Ate My Orgasms Memoir My Name is Elizabeth Anne

A Memoir About A Changed Life

That Will Change Yours

Elizabeth Anne provides a truly rare insight into abuse and abuse recovery that survivors find enlightening. Unlike many survivors, Elizabeth Anne retained very specific details about the trauma she endured and the way she reacted to it. Reading the memoir helps the survivor piece together her own fragmented past.

But the book isn’t just about abuse.

The healing experienced by the author gives hope to the trauma survivor. The recovery path Elizabeth Anne took provides a plan of action other survivors can take. You will find her courage admirable, her strength compelling, and her perseverance inspiring.

This story is like a dark fairy tale that we clean up for children, but the adults know the real story. There was once a little girl mistreated miserably, who through the Lord’s work and her hard work, began to heal.

Survivors aren’t the only ones who benefit from reading

By reading Locusts: Ate My Orgasms, who else benefits?

For Those Who Love An Inspiring True Story

The opening elements take the reader on a roller coaster ride of desperation, fear, and despair. Carried on by this superbly paced account, you’ll continue the journey, crying as you feel Elizabeth Anne’s pain, clinching your fists in anger at the injustices she suffers, and laughing unexpectedly at unexpected moments. You’ll cry joyful tears as you celebrate along with the author at the memoir’s inspirational close.  Well-written memoirs are true stories laid out in novel form. Elizabeth Anne’s keen memory and masterful writing skills are displayed in the dialogue, setting descriptions, and introductions to many of the people who make up her past. Prepare to be unable to put it down.

For Those Who

Support Survivors

It isn’t always easy for a survivor of abuse to share her experiences of abuse with the people she loves. And it can be even harder for those who love the abuse survivor to hear the details of her trauma and understand how they affect her today. By reading Elizabeth Anne’s memoir, you will learn the horrors of abuse without having to know the details of the specific abuse experienced by your loved one. See first hand how your interaction with a survivor is affected by others who harmed her in the past. Develop insight into how your interaction may positively or negatively impact your loved one. Discern how to be supportive, while still meeting your own needs.

For Behavioral

Health Specialists

This memoir serves as an important first-hand account for professionals who work with survivors, especially survivors who struggle to articulate their experiences of abuse and its effects on their lives. The book portrays the dark world of shame, fear, and secrecy inherent in abuse. Witness the characteristic  “acting out” behaviors of a survivor who is learning how to live and love in a world that was turned upside down at the outset. Follow the impact of trauma on a developing brain and sensory system. Acknowlege the upheaval created in relationships because of trauma. And discover renewed insight and compassion for your clients who have survived abuse.

 The inspiring journey draws you in despite the raw pain woven into this story of healing.

Beautifully written and mesmerizing.  Courageous and personal. 

You’ll be blown away by this book. It’s honest, raw, and full of poignant descriptions of a lifetime of abuse, yet also full of hope and healing.

Elizabeth Anne is a skilled writer whose talent has crafted a memoir the reader won’t soon forget. Her story is one that needs to be told, and it will change your perspective for the better.

Meet Elizabeth Anne

My name is Elizabeth Anne.

I am a poet, author, speaker, blogger, student of the Bible, and inspirational writer.

My greatest passion is the beauty and power of words.

Locusts Ate My Orgasms is my true story of having survived childhood, adolescent, and marital abuse followed by the astonishing and uplifting experience of a life restored by Jesus Christ.

Get a copy of my memoir today, and see just how Jesus restored the years the swarming locusts had stripped away.

My Name Is Elizabeth Anne But You Can Call Me Joy

Locusts Ate My Orgasms:

A Memoir

Read the triumphant story of Elizabeth Anne’s healing from sexual, verbal, physical, spiritual, mental, relational, emotional, financial, psychological, religious, and narcissistic abuse.

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Locusts Ate My Orgasms Memoir My Name is Elizabeth Anne

“This book is amazing. I am reading it for the second time!”

“A very powerful account of one woman finding her path to healing after unspeakable trauma..”


“Survivors of sexual abuse will find this story absolutely liberating!”

“Read the book, if you can’t read it all at once it’s okay, but read until the end, where the light shines brightly, full of new beginnings and hope.”


“I carry the author with me . . . ”

“I carry the author with me every day now. It’s impossible not to. Keep reading until the end. Please, keep reading until the end.”


So honestly and beautifully written

Terrifyingly beautiful, soul shaking, endlessly hopeful, and life affirming

Locusts Ate My Orgasms Memoir My Name is Elizabeth Anne

“I am so delighted to witness the emergence of such a gifted writer . . . bless you, Elizabeth Anne, for your bravery and willingness to share your wondrous journey.” -WT

“When I began reading this book, I was truly shocked and horrified. I kept reading because it is so well written and I needed to see how restoration came. The author’s account of her road to healing is truly inspiring. She perseveres through the Lord’s grace.

I love how she fought for healing with grit and tears. Let her inspire you to push forward despite wrongs done to you.

Read and be blessed.” -LL

Get your copy today. You won’t be able to put it down!

Join countless others who have learned that Joy really is possible after surviving abuse.

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“My heart can’t even cope. I love this book that much!”

“I have felt so bitter, hurt, and sad reading this book. I’ve laughed and smiled the biggest smile! This has motivated me to focus on my religion and pay closer attention to my surroundings, learning to say no. Also because of this book I don’t question my thoughts that much anymore, because I can see Elizabeth Anne’s thoughts are so relatable to mine.”


What You’ll Get When You Read . . . 

  • Learn how and where to protect yourself and your children from abuse
  • Open your eyes to the struggles of those closest to you
  • Acknowledge the depravity in the world and Christ’s power over it
  • Travel the dark paths of abuse toward the flickering but growing light of healing

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inspiration for your

own journey

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Locusts Ate My Orgasms: A Memoir by Elizabeth Anne

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“From the very first page, this book catches your attention. It sucks you into a story that makes you want to rip the author straight out of the pages and hug her. I, too, am a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, and this book causes me to pay attention to that little girl who is still inside of me. I am grateful that it does. She deserves attention love, affection, and comfort. All the things this book makes you want to give to the author. I look forward to persevering through just as she did. I look forward to coming out on the other side, hand in hand with that little girl inside of me. This book is inspiring and empowering, and I believe it can change your life if you let it. The best testimonies always do . . . ” -JN

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