Hello, My Name is Elizabeth Anne

and I would be honored to support you as you heal

Parent Coaching and Cuddle Therapy and Massage Therapy: each of these healing methods seems so very different. But they have more in common than you might think. Each method focuses on a meaningful, one-on-one interaction between the professional and the client. Together, you and I can work to meet your goal of improved health emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, relationally, and spiritually.  

But long before I worked as a professional . . . 

I was a single mama, trying—and often failing—to love my 3 kids they way I wanted to love them. I was an abuse survivor who couldn’t comprehend the healing power of safe and affectionate touch until a professional taught me. And I was a woman who suffered from chronic physical and emotional pain. I turned to parent coaching, cuddle therapy, and professional massage in my own healing journey. Later, I studied with talented leaders in each of these fields to learn to provide exceptional care to my own clients.

A great way to learn how these healing methods work together is the Integrate Infographic. 

Parent Coach, Cuddle Therapist, and Massage Therapist: book an appointment to use one method at a time or schedule appointments that use any combination of the three. Just know that individualized, integrative care can carry you toward the healing you hope to achieve. I would be honored to  help you get there.